Johan Van Herreweghe has incorporated the long experience of four generations in his growing export-nursery.

Johan's great grandfather started the company in the late 1800's. His father, Willem, was the pioneer, who trekked to Canada in the early 1950's in search for new customers in Quebec and Ontario. At that time obstructive regulations such as the washing of the roots, were not operative.

The new name JVH-nurseries or The Green Line emerged in 1973.

Since 1980 Johan and his wife, Godelieve, visit customers in Eastern Canada and since 1997 they started to scout the West Coast and beautiful B.C. They have seen significant growth in their new BC market.

Johan has contact with his customers personally all over Europe. He believes personal contact is very important to sales success.

The knowledge of many foreign languages enables him to communicate with most of his customers in their own mother-tongue.

This is a great asset and is appreciated everywhere.

Today, JVH-nurseries ships plants to many countries worldwide.